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Volunteer Policy


This policy is to ensure program fees are affordable through the inclusion of volunteers to reduce operational costs.


Each family is required to fill one volunteer position throughout each season, regardless of how many children you have in the program.


1. A volunteer deposit cheque or credit card payment is required at the time of registration.
2. If cheque; will be dated for August 1st (current year). If credit card payment; payment receipt must be submitted with registration package to TRSA administration.
3. Families are responsible for submitting their refund requests after completion of volunteer requirement. Only refunds requested prior to August 1st will be issued. Deposit amount is not transferable to future seasons.
4. This deposit will only be retained under the following circumstances:
a) Failure to show up for the volunteer commitment you signed up for.
b) Cancelling with less than 48 hours’ notice and not communicating with the volunteer coordinator regarding the circumstances.
c) Failure to sign up or respond to 2 emails.
d) Failure to request credit card refund via email to TRSA administration prior to August 1
5. For volunteering, families will be provided with 3 dates. These dates could be consecutive as a Friday/Saturday/Sunday. OR they may be 3 separate events.
6. A volunteer position is either a half day commitment or an ongoing team commitment such as coaching, assisting, managing or managing the teams’ equipment.
7. Times will vary some being weekend and some being during the week.
8. While we do our best to accommodate your job preferences, please note that you could be contacted for positions outside this preference.

If you are unsure of your availability to commit, please see non volunteer payment option below. Opting out of volunteering at registration can help reduce administrative costs associated with contacting and managing volunteers.

Non Volunteer Payment Option

Families are busy and not always able to assist with volunteering. Should this be the case for your household you may decline to volunteer at registration and a $150 additional charge will be added to your registration fees. You will not be contacted with volunteer requests throughout the season.

You are still encouraged to participate at the team level to ensure your child’s enjoyment in soccer. All non-volunteer fees are applied directly to the operational costs associated with the soccer program.


TRSA Policy Booklet, Page 8

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