Player  Information

Equipment: Players are required to provide their own appropriate footwear, shin guards, shorts, and soccer socks. 

Ball Size: The ball size used is determined by age level.

  • U4-U7 use size #3 ball

  • U9-U11 use size #4 ball

  • U13 and up use size #5 ball

Uniforms: TRSA provides a jersey for each registered player. 

  • U4-U13: The jerseys provided by TRSA are not returnable and stay with the players. A new set is purchased every year. Parents may return their child’s jersey to TRSA at the end of the season if they wish. Returned jerseys are donated to children in Africa, South and Central America., and Asia.

  • U15-U19 Jersey Deposit: For U15-U19, TRSA uses returnable jerseys. A post-dated jersey deposit cheque is collected by a team official at the start of the season and will only be cashed if the jersey is not returned to TRSA at the end of the season. 

Practices: Additional practices usually begin at the U9 level and are decided upon by the coach.

Player Cards: Player cards are required by some age groups to play. At the community level, player cards are required for players U13 and higher. Please see the EMSA page for carding information and carding sessions. ​​

Insurance: TRSA holds Director Liability insurance. Insurance for registered players is through fees paid to the Alberta Soccer Association. 

Policies: Please refer to our Policies page

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