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Late Registration Policy


This policy is to clarify the process for team roster placements for players whose completed registration package (including appropriate payments) is received after the registration deadline.


Any player that registers after the closure of the last on-site registration session will be considered a late registrant; are not guaranteed a place on a team and will not be allowed to request a friend or coach.


1. All late registrants must pay a late fee of $35.00
2. Late registrants may register through the Late Registration site, which will be available approximately 10 days after the final In Person Registration date.
3. All late registrants must print off their form and mail their completed registration package (cheque for their fees, plus late fee, and volunteer deposit or non-volunteer fees), to the address below.
4. Registration is incomplete until the registration package and appropriate payments have been received.
5. Late registrants will be placed in available spaces on teams in the order in which they were received.
6. No registrations will be accepted after April 15 for the outdoor season and no exceptions will be made.

All Registration inquiries should be directed to:
TRSA Program Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Box 88053, Rabbit Hill P.O.
Edmonton, AB T6R 0M5


TRSA Policy Booklet, Page 6

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