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The TRSA soccer program is regarded as one of the most successful community programs within the city of Edmonton. TRSA is led by volunteers from within the community & takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to run a program of this calibre. Because of this, support from the families with children playing in our program is necessary to maintain the program's affordability & current standard level.

Please take a moment to review TRSA's Volunteer Policy.

Volunteering Group
  • What is my volunteer requirement?
    All families are required to complete one volunteer role per season if their child or children participate in TRSA. Volunteer role can be an on-going role with a team OR a half day commitment to the operation of the program. All families, including those who have declined to volunteer or who have supported the operation of the program, should support the team where possible, pick-up garbage you see on our community fields, help take down a net, carry a bag for the coach to the car, bring a snack if the team participates in snack time, etc.
  • Where are the volunteer roles listed?
    The various volunteer roles are listed here under the Volunteer Roles category.
  • What is the volunteer deposit?
    A volunteer deposit is collected at the time of registration & will be held until the volunteer role is fulfilled or TRSA deems there are no longer opportunities to be offered for the corresponding season.
  • What if i don't want to volunteer? Non-volunteer option?
    Non Volunteer option - Please select non-volunteer during registration; $150.00 will be added to your fees.
  • Coach (High Demand)
    Despite what you may feel; you ARE qualified to coach your children & their friends. These roles are our single biggest need each and every year and by far the most rewarding. TRSA provides in-house training and step by step manuals for new and experienced coaches to ensure all of our players have a positive experience. We also reimburse any NCCP training our coaches want to undertake themselves. A Police Information Check(PIC) must be completed for these roles. Must complete SWEMSA provided Police Information Check-office will contact coaches. Listed as coach on roster Makes initial contact with AC’s and then players prior to the season starting. Holds a team meeting prior to season, provide parents & players with necessary season information. Notifies TRSA of player concerns, not attending or responding etc. Attends required Coach meetings/training sessions Plans practice sessions and communicates plan with assistant Determines team tactics & game strategies Collaborate and seek assistance from Assistant Coach/s & Team Manager when needed; The main contact for SWEMSA/TRSA Admin, SWEMSA Age Level Directors, Ensures game sheets are completed properly & submitted on time; enters the game score when they are the HOME team, or can designate to team manager. Determine the volunteer positions you would find helpful for your team and provide families with opportunities to sign up for the season. List of recommended provided roles provided.
  • Assistant Coach (High Demand)
    Subject to police check Takes place of the Coach if they are unable to attend games, practices or meetings. Attend required meetings and coach training sessions Assist with the planning/running of practices & determining game strategies. Helping with the set up and organization of practice sessions Provides one on one training/small group with players during practices. Takes care of player needs when injured. Collaborate and support coach where needed.
  • Station Support U4-U6 Only (High Demand)
    Volunteer role is only available for U4-U6 groups. On the field for each session- Provide the coaching team with notice if not attending the session and where feasible, find an alternate family member to help out. Support the players through the skill stations set up by the coaching team Ensure players are moving through the activities in an orderly manner Report any concerns to coaching team
  • Equipment Volunteers
    Various positions to support our equipment distribution & return sessions. Work with the TRSA equipment manager Sorting, organizing, and recording inventory of TRSA equipment Collect or distribute coaching bags Transportation of equipment Must be able to lift 25lbs and physically mobile
  • Tournament Volunteers
    We operate the largest U11 tournament in Canada, which requires numerous volunteers to be the success that it is. Working with TRSA volunteer coordinator Various roles from preparation and planning to take down Transportation of equipment and supplies Operation of BBQ
  • Team Manager
    Generally this role is responsible for keeping the team organized for games & tournaments, assisting the coach with organizational tasks and acting as a liaison between parents & coaches. Subject to police check TeamSnap management: updating playing days/times, locations player info, game info, maps and directions. Assisting with team communication as needed by coach. Organizing team building events/gatherings- will vary by teams. Look into tournament opportunities, poll parents for interest. Collecting/track any additional expenses parents need to cover. Creating snack schedule (U4-U7 only) Printing and filling out game sheets, submitting completed game sheets to league and update scores in the portal system (U9 and up). Training is provided.
  • Team Equipment Manager
    Responsible for all team equipment provided by TRSA to the team. This may include pick-up at the beginning of the season and drop-off at season's end, as well as set-up for games & practices.
  • Team Communications Manager
    Responsible for contacting parents/team in regards to schedule & events. Line of communication between the team and league.
  • Committees
    Currently we have a number of committees that are focused on continually improving our program. Our Development Committee and our Tournament Committee are currently our two largest committees. If you have a specific passion or interest that relates to our program, this is a great way to get involved and have your say.
  • Board Member
    Our past & present board members would all agree that, outside of coaching, this is the most rewarding role within our organization. The ability to work with a great group of volunteers and staff, stewarding a community soccer program that is the envy of most others, is not an opportunity that comes along often!​
  • Casino Volunteer
    TRSA has casino dates and is every other year. No casino voluteer experience is needed Volunteer positions are: general manager(s) and alternate banker cashier count room supervisor chip runner count room staff other
  • Field Marshal for City Finals
    SWEMSA communities are asked to supply volunteers to assist with tasks at the City finals which are held during the first two weeks of July.
  • General Volunteer
    Will be e-mailed with all opportunities where support is needed Events/administrative/program/team support


Please complete the form in the link below to request a refund of your volunteer deposit. 

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