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Privacy Policy


This policy is to define how TRSA handles personal information gathered in its operations.


TRSA adheres to Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). All personal information collected by TRSA is used solely for the purpose of operating its soccer program. Unless consent is obtained from the individual or required by law, TRSA will not disclose any personal information. This policy applies to all Board members, contract workers and volunteers of TRSA.


1. Any agreement made with a third party for the collection of personal information using an electronic application owned by the third party must ensure that all information is collected in adherence to privacy laws as stated in Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
2. Printed registration forms should be kept in a locked filing cabinet. These forms should be shredded by a licensed company at the end of each season or as soon as practicable.
3. Contract workers, Board members and volunteers of TRSA and its affiliates should remove all personal information from the TRSA program from their computers before they dispose of them.
4. Caution must be used to minimize risks when using a small portable device such as memory stick to transfer personal TRSA information, and when transporting such devices by public transportation or private vehicle.
5. Fee payment cheques should be deposited as soon as practicable.
6. Volunteer deposit cheques should be kept in a locked filing cabinet, and deposited or shredded as soon as practicable at the end of each season.
7. Upon termination of their contract, all contract workers must return electronic devices, keys, and access cards that are the property of TRSA. Access to electronic applications must be terminated and passwords changed. TRSA will require that all TRSA information be deleted from all personal computers, sticks, laptops or other storage devices. All TRSA records in the possession of the contract worker must be returned to TRSA.
8. To avoid disclosing personal email addresses, the bcc addressee line must be used when sending mass emails
9. Photographs maybe taken of players while participating in the TRSA soccer program, both during regular season games and tournaments, whether organized by TRSA, SWEMSA, EMSA or another organization. The photographs may be used to promote the image of TRSA, SWEMSA, EMSA [and any sponsoring corporations of the previously mentioned groups. i.e. Tim Hortons].
10. Photos may be used to promote the leagues and sponsors and this includes Facebook for TRSA, SWEMSA and EMSA at,, [and the possibility of sponsor websites as well]. The photographs will be considered by TRSA as personal information and the terms and conditions above shall apply where reasonably practical to do so.
11. This policy does not include the photo taken for the purpose of carding by EMSA.
12. Parental/Guardian agreement and consent to the above policy regarding photographs will be applied unless the player’s head coach and TRSA are both notified in writing of opposition to same.


TRSA Policy Booklet, Page 10

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