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Team Formation Policy


This policy is to ensure clear, consistent process during the formation of teams for TRSA.


On-time, paid, community players are assigned to a team in their assigned age group and gender. Decisions made during the team formation process by the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) are final. No player moves are permitted once the coaches have started to contact their teams.


1. Teams are formed by volunteer Age Group Coordinators (AGC).
2. AGC volunteers will be assigned to an age group by the Board of TRSA.
3. While not guaranteed, wherever possible the AGC will attempt to honour:
a. Mutual friend requests.
b. Coach requests
c. One way friend requests
4. Age bump, out of zone and late registrants will be placed on teams by the TRSA program coordinator after all on-time registrants have been placed and subject to available roster space.


TRSA Policy Booklet, Page 3

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