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Practices Only, Games Portion Refund

Thanks for your patience as we navigate the environment to set up a soccer program. This year, the TRSA program will be practices only, following all guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Soccer Association.

The first sessions will commence on May 15th and run until the end of June. During this time, we will adhere to all COVID protocols, including quarantines for anyone who has close contact or exposure to the virus.

All players U9 to U19 are eligible to have the games portion of their fee refunded, and we will refund this amount at the end of June. Players U4 to U7 are not eligible for refunds.

Should the COVID protocols change, and a different format be possible in July/August, we will commence a new registration process and arrange teams and logistics at that time.

Thanks again to you all!


TRSA Board of Directors


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