Become a Coach

There are many reasons to become a coach and here are a few reasons that may apply to you:

  • A rewarding way to give back to the game and stay involved.

  • A way to keep yourself active and in shape.

  • An opportunity to lead and to teach important life skills such as organization, time management, work ethic, and people skills.

  • An opportunity to be a respected leader in our community through soccer.

  • An opportunity to progress to be a certified coach. 

  • community stream coaching is a stepping stone on the path to a coaching license. 


Our Commitment

TRSA is committed to supporting our coaches and providing them with knowledge and access to training to feel the confidence and enjoyment of coaching. 

Coach Support

TRSA offers orientations and manuals to our coaches. Our coaches of younger levels are encouraged to attend training courses. As the age level increases, completed training courses become mandatory to compete in provincial competitions. 

Soccer Practice




TRSA supports the Coaching Pathway that is organized around the Long Term Player Development model as outlined by the Alberta Soccer Association and Canada Soccer.

The Coaching Pathway is implemented through coach training workshops that are designed for the age and stage of development a coach is coaching (i.e. if coaching U11 players, a coach completes the Learning to Train workshop).

Community Stream Coach Training Stages:

  1. Active Start (U4-U5)

  2. FUNdamentals (U7-U9)

  3. Learning to Train (U11-U15)

  4. Soccer for Life (U15-U19+)

For more information on the Coaching Pathway

and training courses please visit

the Alberta Soccer Association

 and the Canada Soccer websites.

Coach Information

Team Official Cards: Team officials include Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Managers. Team Official cards are required for U9 and higher. Please see the EMSA page for carding information and carding sessions. ​

Practices: Additional practices typically begin at the U9 level are decided upon by the coach.


Policies: Please refer to our Policies page.

Insurance: TRSA holds Director Liability insurance. Insurance for registered players is through fees paid to the Alberta Soccer Association.

Subsidies: TRSA typically offers subsidies to teams qualifying for Inter-Cities and travelling to Calgary in the outdoor season. In the indoor season, TRSA provides subsidies to teams attending tournaments.

Coaching Resources: For coaching manuals and other helpful links,

please see our Resources page. Links for Social Distancing drills and session plans have been added under Coach Resources.

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Soccer Practice
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